I “repurposed” something before it even found it’s purpose.

Is that wrong?

I made this little thing into a necklace holder for my little tween’s fancy jewelry.
Just look at how many treasures can hang on, or thread through all of these loops!

If you remember what her room looks like (posted here) you know that this little blue polka dot jewelry box goes perfectly on her shelf.  Even more perfect that it was a dollar, on clearance at hobby lobby.  But when I gave it to her, we quickly realized that it was big enough for just her rings and bracelets.   Plus, she said if she puts her necklaces in it, they’ll just get tangled.  The girl has been investing at Claire’s, Justice and Target and we need to take care of these rarities.

So an extra necklace hanger was on the back burner until I ran into this fantastic card holder at Pier 1.  It is meant to hang vertically and hold greeting cards.  Pottery Barn used to have one like it for 40 dollars.  I found this for 10 and used a coupon!  I know that it isn’t typical to repurpose something that you just bought new, but I was feeling rebellious.  When I got it home, I bent the flat loops up so that they would hang out from the wall.

Then I spray painted it and hung it.  Then I painted the nail I hung it with because it was sticking out like a sore thumb.  The color isn’t exact, but at this point, I wasn’t going to spray paint the nail.

So there it is, on an unused wall behind her door.  (Half is covered by the door when it’s open).  And she is happy to have more room to store her junk fine jewelry!

I used to find bits and pieces of her jewelry around the house, sometimes tangled or broken.  Now at least she has a place for it to be put away, and it actually looks pretty cute as wall decor too!

I kind of want to buy another one, paint it red, and hang my Christmas cards on it.  But this card holder, however, will never know it’s original “purpose.”