I’m calling it good.

I started Lindsey’s room over a year ago when we got this “graphic pop” bedding from PBTeen.
I thought it was perfect for this little darling. It still has a little floral and little girlishness.
But it is also fun enough to look a little pre-teen and we’ll hopefully enjoy it a while before she grows out of it.
It took a few samples to get the color right for the walls. Not too minty, not too florescent, we wanted bright,
but we also needed it not to hurt our eyes when we walked by.

Next I painted this canvas for a little personalization.

I actually traced the flowers on the accent pillow,
then made a stencil out of it with cardstock and an exacto-knife.
Then I penciled and painted them. I used colored bling for the center of the flowers.
I was inspired by this artist to paint the sides of the canvas.
side view of canvass

We got two magnet boards from IKEA for the little entry nook.
I just have to say, I love the sweet cards and pictures she displays.
I know the time is near when this board will have obnoxious things like
the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber on it. I will savor this picture if/when that time comes.
magnet board

Girlfriend got this chair with her straight-A money.
(Sorry if I offended anyone who doesn’t believe in grade money, including my husband).
Good thing it was on clearance at Target.
She really loves this thing!

These chandelier decals are from house of 3. I think I’ve mentioned I’m a fan.
Did you see the comment that Heidi left saying she loves this blog?
Well, she said it. That’s right. My life is complete. He he.
wall art

I got these colorful flowers at Michael’s and this frame was a find from Marshall’s.
I photoshopped “You Are Special” on her picture just incase I forget to tell her often enough.
The side tables are from IKEA. Only the best, I know.
side table

This little “word cloud” sits on the other side table.
I believe in positive reinforcement so why not make her good qualities into room decor?
It is so easy at wordle.net.
You just enter the words, pick the colors, and press randomize until you like how it looks.
I printed it and put it in an 8×10 frame.
word cloud

She needed a place to display her treasured snow globe collection.
Next to a place to sleep, this is what she wanted most.
This little shelf came from a garage sale.
It started out a speckled brown stain, but I sanded and repainted it a fun, bright pink.
I love the scallops and the uniqueness of this little bookshelf.

I just didn’t feel like the room was done until my recent sewing project.
I found the perfect fabric to make these simple drapes.

I referred to this tutorial at Make It and Love It for guidance and inspiration,
although I didn’t use any of the same measurements.
I thought they break up that corner, add some height and give it some continuity
by bringing the wild fabric to the other side of the room.
The pink damask fabric matches perfectly with her lamp. Here’s a close up.

So I’m calling it good in here and moving on the my son’s room. His room just doesn’t match his fun personality.
Any thoughts or inspiration on little boy’s rooms?

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