There are 2 things I’m legitimately good at: decorating cookies and loving my family.

I have 3 awesome kids, a helpful husband, and a home-based cookie business. I discovered cookie decorating 18 years ago. Since then, frosting bags have been my favorite creative instrument. 

I feel most myself when I am creating.

My biggest passion is my family, so when I can work creativity into mothering, by bringing cookies to the team or making Prom corsages, I’m fulfilled and happy! And I’m also a dabbler in cakes, flowers, sewing, woodworking, calligraphy, photography, digital design, planners, home decorating, paper crafting, and party planning. 

“Bee in Our Bonnet” is a tribute to my mom.

It is a phrase she used to say when I was doing a project, on a kick, or obsessing about something. She passed away when I was a new mother, and I felt it’s when I needed her advice most. My mother had filled our home with oil paintings, flower arrangements, sewing projects and delicious dinners. So in 2008, my sister and I started this blog to document our lives, recipes and things we obsess about, in an effort to leave a record for our posterity. As years have changed priorities and focus, I stopped blogging.  I’ve focused on my family and held a couple part-time jobs but decorated cookies have always been a constant “bee in my bonnet!”  So now, my part-time gig is finally in line with my passion, I’m selling cookies to locals and loving it!  And it feels like the right time to start writing and documenting again. Kathryn, my sister has agreed to contribute her projects sometimes too! 

You’re in for a treat!

(And it’s probably a decorated sugar cookie)

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