I was just going through pictures and found a few things that I hadn’t shared with you.

I made these for a baby shower and they matched the baby bedding/shower theme.  The bedding was so darling, it made me want a baby girl.  Have you seen the cute baby clothes at Target lately?
Killing Me, I tell ya!
Random Stuff

These were party favors for a “gym stars” party.  Cake pops sound really good right now….

My friend Leah and I made these together for a friend’s baby shower that was a “sweet shop” theme.
I wish I had pictures of the whole thing because it was DARLING!  Maybe I’ll beg them to share picts…
The cookies were inspired by this post.

This was a large cookie bouquet for a fund raiser.  It matched the invite.

And inspired by my mustaches on a stick and one of my friends, these were smiles on a stick.
And these smiles needed some straightening out!

But before you think I’m the energizer bunny, or a cookie machine, just know that all of these project have been over the past few months.  But the most recent project of all was the goodbye party a group of friends and I threw for my sister.  We had a “cupcake bar” with 8 different choices.  My friend and I made 200 cupcakes and a bunch of other friends made other desserts!

We decorated with some of the leftover things from my brother’s wedding.  The party looked great and was a success aside from the fact that we couldn’t convince them NOT TO MOVE!  🙂  Oops.  How did that slip in there?

Now I’m ready to get going on some 4th of July madness!
I can’t wait to crash my sister’s annual block party!