It’s been a big week. Baby started walking, found the perfect prom dress for teenager, Cub Scout blue and gold dinner, and our cookie kit blog giveaway! If you haven’t entered, do it now. I don’t even own those circle/scallop cookie cutters! But, my birthday is coming up… in 6 months… hint hint Ash. 🙂

Oh, we also had a video game birthday party! While not the cutest birthday party ever thrown, I think it scored big with twelve very happy 10 year olds. And, it was the easiest and cheapest party I’ve thrown in forever. The party started at 2 pm on Saturday and I did zero cleaning, food prep, decoration, or even shopping until that morning. My hubby said he’s never been prouder.


OK, I did make the invitations before hand. I bought this Plugged in Kit and produced this. I’m not super good at digital scrapbooking but I seriously don’t miss cutting and pasting invitations.

video game invite

We set up game systems in 3 rooms, each for 4 players. I didn’t need to tell them to switch, I just let them migrate to whatever games looked good. We took a break after an hour for trampoline jumping and snacks. My boys came up with some video game names for the snacks.



After hour two we took a break for game controller cupcakes and presents.


And here are the favors. Don’t laugh at my mini candy bar card. You can only stand in the candy bar aisle for so long before people start staring.


An hour after the party, everything was cleaned up and I was out to dinner. So, I’d say it was the best party ever!