Today is my 4th and final “cookie workshop post” over on Crazy Domestic!  I’m talking packaging today!  It has been really fun to get some details written down in these past few posts.  I really idolize appreciate Stephanie and I’m so glad she asked me to be a part of her crazy cool blog!

We’ve only done one giveaway before and we thought it was time again!  (Because it makes us feel like Oprah when we give away our favorite things). Also because there’s a bunch of new faces on our sidebar/blog family and we want to tell you that we love you!

So in honor of the cookie workshop, we are giving away a cookie kit!  Yessssssssssssssss!  (You have to say that like Napoleon).  Kathryn and I have gathered up some basic supplies from around town in case there’s some of you out there who don’t have access to these goodies!  This should get you started on your road to cookie success:

Here’s a start to your sqeezie bottle collection.  These babies are my favorite way to apply royal icing.
There’s a couple that you can interchange the tips on and a couple basic ones.

And you’ll need some meringue powder for that royal icing.  Then you’ll want to tint it, right?

And we know you’re a festive bunch, so we thought you’d be making Easter cookies.  Here’s some cutters and some gorgeous pastel sanding sugar so you can get working on that.

And here’s the icing on the giveaway cake… my favorite cookie cutter set!  This set isn’t super easy to find.  (If you don’t count Amazon, which is very easy to find).

This set has 7 sizes of circles and 7 sizes of scalloped circles.  14 cookie cutters for the price of none!
You can make almost anything on a basic circle!  Let your creativity run wild!

So, you want this stuff?  Here’s what to do:
1.  Make sure you’re an official member of our blog.  Be a follower!  We like seeing your thumbnail picts!
2.  Leave a comment, any (one) comment will do.
3.  Make sure there is a link or email address so we can find you when you win!

We are equal opportunity around here.  So we will use the random integrator thing-y to choose a winner in one week!  Next Wednesday, March 2nd!  The person who won our other giveaway is now one of my fave bloggers!  Hi Chris!  

p.s.  Don’t forget to go see my post!