I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

I whip my camera out at a moment’s notice much to the embarrassment of most of my children.
They have to turn to their friends and say “project 365” with a groan and an eye roll.
And sadly all their friends know what they are talking about.
When my 13 year old son sees me taking pictures of random things around the house he says in a falsetto voice “project 365!” (which isn’t much different than his regular voice-puberby hasn’t quite kicked in yet, poor guy)

If you’re not converted to “project life” yet by this infomercial or this love fest
Then, the third time’s the charm because we promise to convert all of you before the year is up.

Here are a few of the family memories I recorded that would have otherwise passed me by:

How the baby always hooks his big toes on the tray of his highchair

My business man in training doing inventory on his fundraiser candy bars and money everyday after school
And, will there ever come a day when I don’t have to buy milk constantly?



My “middles” walking into school together

The ultimate excitement of a visit from the ice cream man

Carrying on my mom’s tradition of cutting sandwiches into “piggy houses” Where are the pigs? I have no idea but I do know sandwiches just taste better that way.

WWF in my living room. Boys! It’s only fun until someone cries.

Ashleigh here now… I hope all of you “project lifers” are still going strong.
Here are a few of my favorites from the first few months of the year…

I love that I stood back and took a picture of the fam walking into church.
Something about it just makes me smile.

This is my little one going through his Valentines to pick out the candy.
He got down to business right after he got these!

Trying on her new glasses, she couldn’t help but beam a huge smile, ear to ear!

I had to document the fact that my little jedi always has to be armed.  He knows I won’t let him bring a huge light saber wherever we go, so he grabs anything with a similar shape to act as his concealed light saber.  He also makes sure to wear a belt everyday, to hold his “light sabers.”  On this occasion, his imaginary light saber was a whistle.

If I’m going to give in and let the kids play outside in the pouring rain
(and deal with the wet and dirt coming in the house), I’m going to grab my camera!
Yep, watching the fun they had made up for the laundry they created!

This was at the burial service of our wonderful grandpa.  I love this picture because it captures some “reunion moments” when the boy cousins (grandkids) reminisced and joked around.  It reminds me that although it is a sad thing, the legacy he left behind is such a happy and wonderful thing.

I always tell her that she has beautiful handwriting for a child her age.  We do spelling practice every Friday before school so I took the opportunity to document her writing.

Capturing the simple moments is what makes me love and adore the mindset of “project life.”

If you want to be inspired by the creator, Becky Higgins, click on this video link!