We have started a new project and we want to share the “LOVE!”

Remember our project 365 post?  We told you all about the concept of taking a picture a day and documenting all aspects of our lives.  We showed you that we made our own kit in 2009 (because we were late to the party and they were all gone).  We loved the project and finished it successfully.

But last year I went back to regular scrapbooking and I found it so much harder to keep up.  I am currently in April of last year with that album.  🙁  So before I get too behind, I’m doing project life again in 2011.  Kathryn is back on board too and we just got it in the mail.  Look how stinkin cute it is (there is another design as well).
project life

It may sound hard to keep up with, but I’m here to tell you that it’s totally do-able!  And this kit is so flexible, you don’t even need to commit to a picture a day.  I’ll still be scrapbooking previous years and paper crafting in other ways.  But this is the simple and beautiful way I will be documenting my life, this year.  I’ve got to hand it to my BFF Becky Higgins who is the creator of this kit!  It is amazing!

Let me tell you more about Becky.  Go to her site here.
First of all, she doesn’t know we are BFFs.  But she has been my scrapbooking idol forever!  I subscribed to Creating Keepsakes Magazine since the beginning and as soon as I read Becky’s articles and saw her creative lettering, I was hooked.  I was always drawn to her uncluttered, yet creative designs on scrapbook pages.  Then I got this book and it blew my mind!  This was the first time I had ever seen eyelets or twine or other creative embellishments.
scrapbooking secrets

Kathryn and I actually met Becky (for 5 seconds) at the CK booth at a scrapbook convention, years ago.  We laugh about how I was physically shaking when talking to her.  I say it’s because I hadn’t eaten all day.  No one buys that.

Then I got her creative cards book and became a card-aholic.

Then Becky introduced her method of using sketches for scrapbook pages.  They help so much with speeding up the design process.  I actually tease Kathryn that she doesn’t know how to scrapbook without Becky’s sketches.  Everyone at our scrapbook parties teases me that I basically have an imaginary friend.

And through the past decade, I’ve enjoyed a lot more of her creative inspiration.

I now follow her blog and love all of the ideas there.  I still stand by my theory that if we were neighbors, we would be great friends.  Ahh, just so much in common.  One of these days I’ll meet her again and act totally normal.

Back to project life though.  It is as easy as sliding in cute pre-made cards and pictures.
project life 2

I’ve got mine all set up and ready to go.  The weeks are labeled and I’m taking pictures!
project life 3

We have converted many friends now and we are off to convince you to try it!
You can order the kit here.

p.s.  I’m not a stalker and no one paid me to “share the love.” 🙂