Today I’m guest posting again over on Crazy Domestic!

But I also wanted to share a little bit of my Valentine’s stuff.  I love decorating in my jars.  The ones that have blank paper hearts are for our warm fuzzies.  The kids (and us)  can go grab one and write something nice on it.  Then we secretly leave it for the person.  So these little hearts with nice comments end up all over the house.  It’s kind of like heart-attacking our own house!

I get the kids a small gift for Valentine’s each year.  They’ve been talking about it for a couple weeks.  Just to increase the anticipation, I wrapped them early and set them out.  They can hardly wait, and they know it’s only something little.  There is so much excitement and over $5.00 gifts.  They’re pretty easy to get excited.  Where do they get that from?

I love my subway art I downloaded from Eighteen25.  I’m also still loving my shadow box.

And, I also love our little sweet shop here. I don’t know why the cinnamon lips are looking a little empty???   And, just so I could keep them out, I found some cupcake candles that fit in my cupcake stands!

Simple decor, but it makes us happy!
But don’t forget to go check out my post on Crazy Domestic!
I’m talking about royal icing, which in my opinion, is the eighth wonder of the world.  I’ve learned a lot about it, and yet, it still does new and wonderful things, each time I work with it.