I have recently had some really exciting opportunities.
One of them was being asked to make some cupcakes.  This is what I ended up with!

I made my best cupcake recipe, best frosting and toped it with a white chocolate snowflake.
I made the snowflakes the same way I made my turkey feet and chocolate hearts, on parchment.

Then I put them in these cutest little stands.  They are kind of a combination of an apothecary jar and a mini cake stand.  I’m in love with them.  They would work with any food, but afterward, you can put any adorable decor in it and put it on your shelf.  A simple Christmas ornament would be perfect.

To top it off, I added some cute ribbon, tied in a simple bow.
stands 3

And there you have more than a simple cupcake.
You have something to get really excited about taking home.
stands 2

I also needed to find a way to deliver 18 cupcakes.  Carrying in 18 stands to one person might be cumbersome, so I found these adorable blue cupcake boxes online.
boxes 2

Chocolate cupcakes on the bottom.
chocolate in box

Vanilla cupcakes on the top.
cupcakes in box

And the deal is sealed with some more cute peppermint ribbon.

Doing this project has confirmed that:
I love blue and red together.
I love making and decorating cupcakes.
I can’t get enough of cute glass jars.
stands 4