You didn’t think I’d let Valentine’s go by without a session or two of sugar cookies.

No sir!

The “heart beat” is my favorite.
It just calls for a cheesy line like, “My heart beats only for you.”

heat beats

I stayed up one night experimenting on 90 of these little hearts.
It was way too late, but I had the house to myself, my ipod on surround sound,
and I was just in a happy place, frosting the night away.

I hope these cookies make you happy too…
all cookies

I know I have shown you my methods to sugar cookies and royal icing in previous posts.
And I’m sure that I’ve shown you my squeezie bottles in nine million posts.
But I haven’t shown you this baby.

This slightly different squeezie bottle basically has a coupler on the end,
so I can put any decorating tip on it.
With Royal icing that is so runny, I find this easier to use than filling a bag with a tip.
I used a #2 tip for the fine writing I wanted on these.

For whatever Valentine shindigs you have planned,
can't go wrong

Bring a plate to the ones you love.