More halloween treats anyone?

Making these cookies at Halloween has become a tradition with my kids
ever since Martha taught me (on her show) how to do them 4 years ago.
The kids are really good at them and the ones they do actually turn out really cute.

I’ve seen them all over the internet this year. They are so popular.

Here is what I’ve learned if you want to give it a try.

Start with your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Then I used my web cookie cutter.
webs 1

Then you make the royal icing. Scroll down, I put the recipe in my very first post.

You need to make it a little thicker at first. I put some in the small bottle since you use less of the thick stuff.
Then set some aside and tint it black.
Then add a little water to the white to thin it out and this will be your “fill” bottle.
Experimenting with consistency is the learning curve in this project.
Add more powdered sugar if you get it too watery.

Now outline your cookie with the thick white.

webs 2

Now finish filling it up with the thin stuff.
webs 3

Now take your bottle of black and make a spiral. Uneven and imperfect is fine.
webs 4

Here’s comes fun….

With a toothpick, start at the center and drag it to the edge.

The trick is to do this right away, when it is good and wet.
Then it flattens itself out and dries smooth, glossy and beautiful.

webs 5

Then you can wrap it up and tag it with a Halloween greeting.
We made quite a bit so my kids gave them to teachers, office staff, their principal, friends, neighbors…
webs 6

By the way, if you don’t have a web cookie cutter, they are just as cute with a good old circle.
Go through the same steps.
round webs

No excuses now.

Set your butter out to soften for that sugar cookie dough.

p.s. This go around, Justin requested some bats too. So we did bats and I thought they needed a moon.
I used a bowl to cut a huge moon and made the bats fly on it. They turned out cute too.
bat cookie
p.s.s. I made a little cake for the cake walk at a Halloween party.
Just made a plain old cake and put 3 huge spiders crawling up the sides. Kinda creepy.
spider cake