So, if you want some inexpensive art for your kids’ room and don’t care that you aren’t an artist check out this project.

Materials used:
3 Canvases (these are 16X20 that I got on sale for $2.50 each)
Acrylic paint
Some paintbrushes that didn’t have too much dried paint on them


I just flat out found these two little guys on my baby’s room quilt and used a pencil to sketch them on the canvas. Get a good eraser, you’ll need it. I did two coats of each part of the monkeys so it was a more even look. It helped that they were very basic, cartoonlike. But, I also did canvases above my girls’ bed which I copied from their bedding, too. You can kind of see them here.


The bedding has polka dots on the border and after the monkey’s were done they needed a little something so I added the polka dots. Here is the crib and bedding, waiting for something on the wall above, maybe baby’s name or hang the quilt. Waiting for some drapes.


So, the nursery’s not done but the monkey pictures are. Baby steps.

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