So I had a serious bee in my bonnet to re-decorate my little girls’ room (5 days before Christmas-that’s the evidence of the severity of my disease). I was on a quest for a bargain so sold my old bedding on ebay and bought new bedding with the proceeds. (My husband had no idea I could actually sell things on ebay he was so used to the purchase end of the ebay experience.) The bedding cried out for a cute headboard but I am cheap and impatient.

So, this 20 dollar garage sale beauty became mine along with a gallon of shocking hot pink paint. (It actually shocked the employee at Home Depot as he openly questioned my sanity).


After some sanding, impatience, painting, and more impatience (that’s code for don’t look too closely)…

Santa really outdid himself this year.

Or maybe it’s just the paint fumes.