My kids are under the impression we need to do a project/ baking/ crafting every day while they’re off track.
I’m totally on board with that, it’s just that we still have laundry and other various responsibilities.

Well, if I can manage to keep up with the necessities of life, you will see lots of kids’ projects this month.

So be patient with the finished product pictures, they were made by 2, 6 and 9 year olds.

Jenna went through her Hello Cupcake book, mentioned in this post, and chose to make these.
Pretty cute and very simple.


Just baked the cupcakes, dipped them in store bought frosting (if you microwave it for 30 seconds it is thin enough to dip in),
and set them on the tray in the shape of a gingerbread man!


Then I got my trusty squeeze bottles out, (I must have mentioned them 89 times on this blog so far),
and filled it with vanilla store bought frosting.

I always stick with the Betty Crocker brand. It’s a loyalty thing.

They drew on the man, used “dots” candy for buttons and M&Ms for eyes.

Simply good fun. Jenna had a friend sleep over and do this.

A sleep-over and baking is her dream come true!