It is only the most amazing of all sisters who will make the food for your daughters wedding even when she lives hours away and has to leave her family for days to make it happen.   Ashleigh (and her hubby and kids) are such a great team to make delicious and gorgeous food.  We were able to serve our guests delicious wedding food and spent a lot less than if we hired a caterer.

Remember these cake stands that Ashleigh MADE and we have spray painted a NUMBER of times.

Creme puffs in honor of our mom and because… Creme Puffs.  If you need these in your life right now click here.

Mini cheesecakes.   Oh sweet mini cheesecakes!

Since food isn’t pretty at 100 degrees, I put the food on the covered patio.  Aso I needed to cover the windows to my house and make a pretty backdrop, who am I kidding?  We had a friend build a framework to drop the gossamer over and my florist brought me some eucalyptus to drape.  Ashleigh came up with this idea to build a box (6 inches deep and 8 feet long) to elevate the sweet stuff and give some depth to the food table.

Caprese whose downside is needing to be assembled the day of the party but whose upside is deliciousness.   These gold toothpicks sealed that delicious deal.


We had a beautiful display of fruits and vegetables because… healthy people. 😉


Is there anything my sister can’t do?  Seriously????


Tri tip sliders made by my friend Mandee mainly because Ashleigh has to sleep sometimes and the last time Mandee made these I ate 3.


I don’t have pictures of all the food.  There were some delicious savory meats in those chaffing dishes.  I’m not a seafood person but everyone raved about Ashleigh’s lemon garlic shrimp.  In another warm dish, we had brown sugar and bacon wrapped sausages.  I don’t know what it is about those things but they disappear as soon as they are brought out!  I also ordered chicken satay that I love from a local restaurant.  All together it was a great mix of sweet and savory that kept wedding guests coming back for more!  I enjoyed the food even more afterward, as I put my feet up and ate leftovers.