The time has come, my friends!  I”M BACK ON THE BLOG!!  I’m so excited about my new website!  I loved sharing projects here, for many years, but as life changes, so does the blog!  It became less of a priority for my sister and I and we just fell off the blog train!  More on that later!  Nowadays though, I still love my creative outlets and have decided to transition my cookie hobby to a cookie business.  So this website will now serve as a place to document my creative outlets AND cookie information!  If you want to read a little bit more about where I’m at, or where Kathryn comes in, click over to my About Page!

But what do you do with an old blog full of less than perfect posts and horrible technology?

You hire a web designer for

new branding and a new website.

Some things are better left to the pros!  I don’t speak html!  I’m so happy that I found Branding by Nicole to help me with the task!  We started by talking about the look I wanted.  I wanted my favorite colors, navy, raspberry, parsley green, light turquoise and light pink.  Funny combination, but I love it!  I wanted the font to timeless and easy to read.  I wanted to bring in the hexagon as a tribute to the “bee” in my name, but in a subtle (not yellow and black) way.  I love how my new logo turned out!



I love my new website becasue the cookie information is there for those who come looking for it, but the main part of the site is still my pictures, my writing and the posts I love!  Yes, those old post don’t have the most quality pictures, and they aren’t perfect by any means.  But they are part of my personal history.  They are recipes and tips that I want to remember, so they are here to stay!

I’m sure you will find your way around easily, but let me explain it!  If you look on the top nav bar, you’ll find everything having to do with my local cookie making under cookies, including order requests and specials.  And under creativity, you will find all of our old blog posts including recipes, tutorials, and general cookie ideas.


Meet Nicole!

All of this was made possible by my logo/web designer, Branding by Nicole!  I hope you will get a chance to take a look at her work.  She has helped me so much through this process.  She’s been more patient than she needed to be as I dragged my feet with indecisiveness!  She has helped me after the design with one on one training so I can operate this new website she built!  There was a lot to learn, but she, being the genius that she is, recorded my training so I can refer back time and time again.  She is always responsive to my questions and needs.  I can’t thank her enough!

I hope you’ll see that together we have tried to make the user experience as easy as possible.

Take a look around, and enjoy!