As I decorated this December, I felt very happy that I did this project in February!
I was tired of my stockings but was holding onto the idea of keeping the same ones for all the kids’ growing up years.  Changing them would be absurd!  But then I remembered when my mom got new stockings for us, and we were all so excited!  Then I decided, there is NO rule!   I’m going to change our stockings whenever the mood hits.  So I didn’t hesitate to make these in trendy Chevron.
I just went for whatever graphic red and green fabrics I could find.  I wanted to be a little bold, but a stay in the red and green.  I’m normally an “everybody needs the same one” kind of girl, but I’m stepping outside my box nowadays.  Here is my happily mismatched mantle:

stockings 1

If you’d like the pattern, I cannot help.  I borrowed a friend’s stockings (that I liked the size and shape of) and traced it onto craft paper.  There was my pattern.  I just cut the fabric about a half inch bigger all the way around and made it work.  Don’t look too close at my “make it work” craftsmanship but I was pleased that I lined them all with white polka dot fabric.  🙂
stockings 2

The dumbest idea I had was to give them a quilted look by drawing diagonal stripes on the fabric and sewing some batting to the fabric.  This took waaaaaay longer than planned and you can’t tell unless you look really close.  I do like how thick the batting made them but it didn’t need to be quilted in like that.
stockings 3

I anticipated getting these done before last Christmas, but since I didn’t, I did them soon after.  I knew if I waited until Christmastime again I would get too busy and this wouldn’t get done.  So that is my new theory…  Make your Christmas crafts in February and enjoy them in December!