Did you guys catch my guest post during Eighteen25’s Spooktacular September? 
I shared these little cookie pops that double can be used as props in one of my favorite Halloween toddler games.  I first learned of this silly little song in a toddler music class with my oldest.  I since have used it to amuse pre-schoolers, kindergarteners and high-schoolers alike.  Okay, I’m kidding about the high-schoolers.  
No really, if you’re planning a Halloween party, class party, church group or music group full of toddlers this October, you’ll need to have some cool tricks up your sleeve!  
there's a spider on the floor
So I thought this little game needed a cookie pop to go along with it.  Come to think of it, most things in life would be improved if they just had a cookie pop to go with it!  Now I’m getting off track…
spider cookie pops
I share the basics of royal icing along with my recipes here, which will help you with getting to the point of the plain cookie pop.  Then I just added a spider with fairly thick black icing, but it doesn’t need to be perfect at all.  When you add some black sanding sugar, it sort of masks all bumps/mistakes and gives you a hairy looking spider.  This really is a great cookie for beginners to try!
cookie instructions
 I found several different versions and interpretations of “There’s a spider on the floor”online, and I too took some liberties.  I changed the last part of the song to give them a chance to eat their cookie pop toward the end of the song.  Click here if you’d like to hear the general tune of this silly song.  
there's a spider on the floor words
Any sort of spider prop will do for this song, but cookies are more fun than your average prop.  Now, I called this a toddler game, and clearly, my son is no longer a tiny tot.  But even a 6 year old will do the “spider on the floor” song when it involves a treat at the end.  (Side note: a spider cookie on the floor is actually not sanitary.  Just put the spider close to the floor, or wrap your treats in a baggie.)
I won’t be sad if you use the song without making the cookies, and I won’t be sad if you 
make the cookies with no desire to sing this silly song.  I’m just saying that they go together 
like peanut butter and jelly, that’s all.  
p.s.  Here are a few other treat ideas I still love and re-use this time of year!
more ideas