I painted a map.

Because maps are awesome and they are always classy.
And also because I wanted a yellow map and I couldn’t seem to find a yellow map to buy.
painted map 1

So I challenged myself to do my biggest kopykake project yet.

I bought my trusty kopykake projector to up my cookie game a couple years ago.  I still use it for cookies all the time.  But I’ve also used it to pretend I’m an artist on canvas (see my star wars paintings, santa painting and this painting of my daughter).  However, this time I was using a small projector to paint a 4′ canvas.  To do this, I printed an 8″x10″ map on paper then cut it into 4 equal parts.  This was to fit it into the projector.  I divided the canvas into 4 segments too.  Then I just painted away and hoped all four parts fit together well.  If you have a projector that will enlarge pictures big enough, without making it pixel-y, then use that.  I’m not saying my cookie projector (made for small cakes and cookies) was the best option.  I’m just saying, you gotta work with what you have.

Then end result was a very imperfect world map.  The lines aren’t perfectly straight and with every mistake, I added cities and possibly countries.  Let’s just say it’s rustic?  Aged?  Somehow those descriptions aren’t working for me here.  If you are a geography major, close your eyes and scroll past this post before you are deeply offended.  I have suppressed the perfectionist voice inside of me enough to enjoy this project.  The point is made in the room, it’s a yellow world map.

painted map 2

I just needed to add a little color to this living room full of black, white, gray and silver.  I never did get the hardwood floors and rug that I wanted in this room.  And then I moved.  Yes, this is my old house.  I’m sharing this project because I’m not sure where my fabulous painted map will work in my new house.  There is a bay window above the piano space, which is lovely too.  We’ll see how I can repurpose this project later.  For now I’ll put it in the pile of a million pictures that I don’t know what to do with.
living room copy

In addition to adding color, the big yellow map above the piano was intended to send a subliminal message to my kids while they practiced piano…  “Music makes the world go round…”  “Music can change the world…”  “You should practice your piano if you want to go anywhere in this world…”  Any of those would work.
painted map 3

All kidding aside.  I loved this room.

It was the place I went to for music therapy.  I would sit and listen to my kids play the piano.  I would plunk out a few hymns when I was in the mood.  I would play a mean “heart and soul” duet with my girls.  We had sing alongs with musical friends after a Sunday dinner together.  My kids invited us to talent shows and concerts with printed programs in this room.  I would play my guitar and sing to my biggest fan (my husband- who is also tone-deaf).  And I had band practice with my bff, neighbor and fake bandmate.  The room had great acoustics which enhanced each of these experiences.

The decor (and map) wasn’t perfect, but the memories in that room were.  I will eagerly try to create a space in my new house for new music memories.