Ideally this cookie would accompany the gift of your husband’s dream TV for Father’s Day.  But if you’re me, you wouldn’t dream of picking out a TV on your own.   So, I think this would be great wrapped up with a DVD, or simply a promise that you give your man some alone time with sports center.  
I made this remote control cookie 2 years ago and shared it on somewhat simple.  My sister says it’s still her favorite cookie I’ve ever made.  I don’t know if it’s mine, I see lots of imperfections in it.  It’s definitely a fun one though, so I thought I’d share the instructions here!  
No need to have a special cookie cutter for this one!  Just use your real remote as a guide!  
I just put my actual remote in my copier/printer.
Then I cut it out, put it on my cookie dough and cut it out with a small knife.
You can use this method to make just about any shape of cookie you can imagine.  
1. Outline  2. Fill  3. Let dry  4. Make your buttons by looking over at your remote.  
Mine ended up a little off center, but that’s okay!
To decorate the buttons, I used these edible markers with a fine tip.  These things are just beyond fun.  
They write on (dried) royal icing, really well!  You may just want to color all over your cookies!
I added some candy on the bottom because the box I found was a little deeper than I wanted.  
My Dad came over and saw this and said it was “unreal.”  He was impressed with my craziness!
If I’m feeling really mean, (or maybe for next April Fool’s Day) I might put one of these on the side table and hide the real remote.  Then I’ll wait to see how long it takes for the kids to figure out what’s going on.  Oh the possibilities!  
I hope you are inspired to make some custom cookies of your own.  Don’t be afraid to use copy machines, knives and markers in your cookie making.  We do what it takes here in the cookie world!