You may know by glancing at our sidebar that Ashleigh and I are sisters. What you may not know is that with our five year age difference we really never had that sibling rivalry thing going and we never fight. Unless you count the extended period of our childhood when I whined, “Mom, she’s copying me!!!!” So yes, maybe she copied me by pegging her jeans, ratting her bangs or wearing 457 jelly bracelets at a time. But, fast forward to our adult years and the truth is….

I copy her ALL. THE. TIME.

When Ashleigh made these mini cheesecakes I was amazed and hungry and bought the pan immediately. (Look in the sidebar at the Amazon link for the specific information).

It’s that time of year for end of the year teacher gifts and teacher appreciation week. So, the cheesecake pan emerged and my “cheesy” tag along with it.


I bought these boxes in the candy aisle at Hobby Lobby


Four mini cheesecakes fit in one box and I wrapped it in scrapbook paper and ribbon.


Ashleigh and I make it our mission in life to celebrate teachers in honor of our Mom. So if you need more inspiration to thank a teacher this month, check out…

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I will continue to copy Ashleigh in almost everything I do. Hello….I benefit from all of her recipe trials along with all of you. But, luckily for me Ashleigh doesn’t yell “She’s copying me!” At least not very loudly.