Happy Easter!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day with family!  I know I did!

I wanted to pop in and see if you guys caught my guest post on Polka Dot Chair the other day?  I wrote a tutorial for the polka dot technique on these bunny cookies, so check it out!
polka dot bunny cookies

And if you’ve already mastered the polka dot technique you’ll want to see Melissa’s blog for a million other reasons!  The Polka Dot Chair was one of the first blogs I became addicted to.  Melissa is my sewing idol!  I’ve bought her patterns and followed many tutorials.  This quilt was the first one Melissa’s creations I made.  The next one on my list is this darling American Girl Doll Skirt! She has so many great ideas, home decor, paper crafts and much more.  I was so excited when I met her last year at SNAP!  It was an honor to post on her blog and be a part of THE POLKA DOT PROJECT this week!  Thanks so much Melissa!