It’s almost graduation time!  
Whether you know a preschool, kindergarten, jr. high, high school or college graduate, I’m pretty sure they need a cookie.   I shared these simple graduation hat cookies on Skip to my Lou last year and I wanted to make it available to my readers with an updated printable, this year!
Click here if you need my recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing.  This time of year, graduation cookie cutters are all over craft stores and cake supply stores.  I rolled out my dough and used the one that came in this Wilton pack.  
Now, if you read the cookie basics post, you will understand that you can thin royal icing out with a little water to make different consistencies.  We are going to need a stiff (30 second or more) and thin consistency (about 8 second) in the same color.  I love using the squeeze bottles, because for me, they are really manageable.  
You start by outlining your “hat” with the thicker icing.  
Then immediately “fill” with the thinner consistency icing.  You can use the tip of the bottle to spread it around.  Then, if you see any air bubbles, pop them with a toothpick!
This layer of frosting will take about 12 hours to dry completely, but you can frost your detail on top after about 2 hours.  You will use the same, thick consistency frosting to outline the hat.  When you let the base layer dry, then frost on top, it creates dimension.
You will use the thick consistency icing to make the tassel. I showed here how I did a few lines, then let it dry, then a few more lines, etc.  Then you will make one more dot of color as the button that holds the tassel on.  
If you draw a few lines, then come back to it here and there, you will get a nice 3D effect with your tassel.  Drying between lines is the key to tassel success!  

You can see the final product here.  If you notice a little variegation in the blue, it is because dark colors of royal icing can often take 24 hours to reach their full color.  Certain colors take longer to do this, but usually the darker colors are the worst at this.  Patience is a virtue in cookie making!
I always say that cellophane and ribbon makes everything better, so why not wrap them up as a little favor?  I made these tags for my cookie gifts last year, but I’ve updated the tags for this year’s graduates!
Just click here to download and print the 2013 tags!
Happy graduation everyone!