Last month I did a post about changing the font preview size in photoshop and it turns out it was helpful to some of you!  (yay)  In the comments, I got a couple requests to mention some fonts I like.

It turns out, I take requests!  I’m actually following up on this one.  🙂

It was a bit like choosing my favorite child.  I’m attached to so many in my font collection.  So here is 29 (Why didn’t I make it 30?  I would have felt better about that.) of my most used fonts.
fonts I love

All of these were free downloads.  What can I say, I’m frugal… and there’s millions of free fonts to choose from.  I also included some reasons why I love these or what I typically use them for.

TMI, I know.

Eight Fifteen  My favorite stretched out font
Chalk Hand-Lettering My favorite font for the chalkboard look
Green piloww My favorite sketchbook-ish font
Oswald A good old standard I rely on
Pacifico My favorite beachy font
My Organization Just one I use a lot
Bolton My favorite drop shadow font
You Wish You Were Shirley This one is just fun for certain things
Lane Upper Sometimes I’m in the mood for an underline
Life Lessons I use this for lots of school projects and teacher gifts
Contribute My favorite Cursive ever
Indierock How could you not like this font
Sofia Sometimes I’m in the mood for sweet and swirly
Hominis It’s bold and makes a statement
Universal Accreditation My favorite tall, skinny font
Spatha Kinda basic but with a little something special
Calamity Jane This might be my fave font of all time- I just love it!
Waterfalls I use this for kid stuff a lot
Jailbird Jenna This reminds me of a ransom note, or just mismatched
Impact Label For when I remember how much I like those old fashioned labelers
Channel When I’m feeling fancy…
Lullaby Ack!  Love this one.  I think it’s my second fave font ever
American Typewriter A standard, tried and true friend
Ma Sexy I feel guilty saying it, but I do enjoy the sassiness of Ma Sexy
Star Wars I tend to use this for little boy projects- hehe
Mesquite I use this one for a lot of Halloweeny stuff
Want You Back I just like it and I don’t know why
Harrington I use this a lot at Christmas because it reminds me of Santa
Clementine Sketch This one is just plain fun, use it on kid/primary stuff
I hope you find some of these useful and adopt them into your happy font family.