This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck® Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.
We are a Duck Tape® family around here. My 12 year old son asks for Duck Tape® every Christmas and birthday. He takes orders for Duck Tape® creations from friends and family. I ordered two envelopes for my purse for receipts and coupons. Bam! Done! He is awesome.

But this week was momma’s turn to play with the Duck Tape® and I have to say that I might be addicted. It sticks like crazy but is forgiving if you make a mistake. And, if the mistake is unfixable, hello, you have a whole roll of the stuff. I have a feeling my son might start hiding the Duck Tape® from me.
The people over at Duck Tape® host an amazing scholarship program called Stuck at Prom® so to get in the prom spirit (minus the hormones and music) I made a Duck Tape® flower necklace.
And a Duck Tape® Bow Tie. What girl wouldn’t swoon for a mustache bow tie?
The instructions for the Necklace are
1. Cut a 14 inch strip of Duck Tape®. Fold almost in half lengthwise so that 1/4 inch of sticky part remains,
2. Mark along 2 inch segments
3. Cut each 2 inch segment into a petal shape
4. Start with a wire and add petals one by one. I gathered as I went to make the rose look fuller
flower step
5. I covered up the ugly bottom of the flower with a small strip of tape
6. Thread the wire through a basic necklace. (I would recommend a sturdier necklace than the one pictured here)
7. Wrap the wire around the necklace several times to secure and trim the end of the wire.
8. Cover the back of the roses with a hot glue gun and a strip of felt. (I didn’t want any wires to be poking out and as I glued I pinched the felt so the flowers would stay facing the same way)
9. Using a hot glue gun glue the flowers to each other in a semicircle shape
flowers 4
To make a snazzy Duck Tape® Bow Tie:
1. Cut two 17 inch strips of tape. You could make this bigger or smaller per your preference.
2. Stick them together and trim off any sticky edges.
3. Fold piece of tape into thirds and pinch center together
4. Take a piece of tape for the middle and fold it lengthwise. Place it around the cinched part of the tie and secure it with a piece of tape on the back.
5. Cut a 15-20 inch piece of tape (depending on neck size) and cut lengthwise. Fold in half, trim edges and thread through bow tie. I used tape to attach ends together once on neck.
bow tie 2
Do you have a Prom in your future or someone that could use a scholarship? See what you can create! Enter the Stuck at Prom® Scholarship contest (offical rules and FAQs )
There is over $40,000 in cash scholarships available! Just for getting creative with Duck Tape®
The first prize winner gets $5,000 and $5,000 for their school!
Open to legal US residents and Canada who are 14 years of age or older.
The contest began March 11 and ends June 10, 2013. Don’t delay!
I have one too young and one too old for prom but they posed for me anyway with my Stuck at Prom® creations. They both asked to keep their Duck Tape® accessories. Yes!!!
I am really hoping the Stuck at Prom® contest is around when this one heads to prom because he will be a pro by then. 
But I don’t think he has enough Duck Tape®
 (And yes, that is a Duck Tape® tie he is wearing to church).

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