Instead of admitting I’m behind on posting my Christmas gingerbread houses, I’m going to pretend I’m on the ball and posting this picture BEFORE Valentine’s day.  
Yes, I’m here to state my humble opinion that:
Gingerbread houses aren’t just for Christmas!
I used some left over Christmas candy to make my own little house of love!  
valentine's house
I picked out some red and white candy but this time of year they sell lots of things in 
red, white and pink which would make it easier.  
I lined it with hearts instead of icicles and put heart buttons on my gingerbread guy.   
valentine's house 2
I also made a “New Year’s themed” house.  
new year's house
I found it kind of hard to frost while the walls were vertical so with this one I actually decorated the quatrefoil roof while it was flat (with the assistance of my kopykake projector).  After it dried completely, I glued them onto the house.  
Also, it’s a little hard to sprinkle disco dust on the house when the walls are vertical.  If I really want to make a professional one in the future, I’m going to decorate all of the pieces before they are assembled.  
new years 2
This has me really excited about all of the holiday possibilities!
I’m feeling that Gingerbread Leprechaun houses and Gingerbread  Bunny houses are going to be very necessary for the upcoming holidays.  
Of course they are still very appropriate for Christmas time and the smell of a fresh baked gingerbread house is the most wonderful during the holidays.  I love the Christmas creations my kids came up with.  They loved the decorating them and eating them even more.  
I did a lot of experimenting during my gingerbread house trials and I’m excited to share with you the best recipe I tried and some assembly tips in my next blog post.

Here is the link to my favorite gingerbread house recipe.

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