Today I’m sharing some cookie instructions I guest posted on somewhat simple last year. Enjoy! 

Conversation hearts are just a necessary part of the Valentine holiday.
Never mind that they taste like chalk. 
We still buy them, give them, and decorate with them.  Because they’re cute.
So the sugar cookie version of conversation hearts should be no exception.
But if you don’t have a steady hand and mad piping skills, or a projector to provide a guide, never fear!
Just start with a basic iced cookie that has dried at least 12 hours.  
You can reference recipes and tips for this part of the process in my  “sugar cookie basics” post.
Then, you just need a little stamp set and edible ink pens.  I had this set of stamps in my scrapbook stash, but they actually had no evidence of ever being used, (along with lots of my dusty scrapbook supplies).  I used my americolor brand pens to ink the letters and stamped right onto my dry cookies.
Drying time is super quick and you can package them and wrap them up in a jiffy.  
Wow!  Did I just say jiffy?
So that’s my old take on conversation heart cookies! 
I hope your Valentiene’s prep is going well. Only 2 days to go and I’ve got a lot left to do!