Oh Pinterest, how I love you. How else would I know that I am supposed to only drink from Mason jars and make my own laundry detergent, baby food and play-dough? Wink, wink.

But seriously. Here is my latest Pinterest inspired project…

Our theme for Young Women in Excellence was “Shine” to go with the yearly mutual theme, “Arise and Shine forth that thy light may be a standard for the nations.” D&C 115:5

I had seen this most fabulous movie marquee and knew I could tweak this project to fit my needs. And when I get a bee in my bonnet…

The instructions are done beautifully on Oh Happy Day so I won’t reinvent that wheel.

These letters are slightly ginormous. You can really make them as big as you can find foam core. These were about two and a half feet tall.

Making those letters was not for the fainthearted (Pick a short word, buy a very sharp exacto knife and plan on some new calluses) but I loved how they turned out. But the bee in my bonnet required some major mechanical genius from the men in our lives. I said, “I want these letters hung up high, so figure it out pretty please.”

They earned 925 brownie points for bringing this vision to life.

It was the perfect focal point for the evening. The girls each brought a lamp to place by their project which they turned on after they spoke about what they had done and learned. So by the end of the night all of their lights were shining along with my humongous sign.

The evening was topped off with some Pinterest inspired rainbow jello made by another talented leader

And some Ashleigh inspired cookies made by me because we live too far apart for me to hire her.

The girls were amazing and I about burst with happiness to hear them share the things they learned while doing their Personal Progress. Seeing them shine made my seven new callouses totally worth it.