This post isn’t just about soccer cookies for me.

{Although, I wanted to share these cookies.  
My kopykake and 2 icing consistencies per color 
(one for outlining, one for filling) made these simple.} 

This post is about an amazing season of soccer for my little guy!

You see, this cute 5 year old was premature.  He caught me off guard when my water broke 7 weeks early.  His first year was full of worry, weight checks, specialist appointments, supplementing, worry, delayed development, worry, physical therapy and worry.  He tested on track for cognitive markers, but he was always most behind in his gross motor development.  He never crawled.  After tons of physical therapy, he finally just decided to walk.  Even still, he was behind.

Well, time was good to him and he “caught up” by about 23 months when he graduated from therapy.  Even still, a little bit of worry always remained in the back of my mind.

So to see him not only keep up, but to really excel in something so “gross motor” just makes my heart sing!  When I see him go after that ball with all his might, be aggressive and fearless to get in there at that ball, and score like crazy, well…

I just think back to how far he has come.

And I am so beyond thankful for the health and strength he has been blessed with.

p.s.  This heart full of gratitude is ready for Thanksgiving!  Let the cooking begin!