This weeks project called for sprucing up a bathroom used by my girls ages 7,9 and 17 and also everyone that swims at my house. I was going for girly but normal. Is that an actual style?

This is the Carson frame from Poppy Seed Projects which fits an 11X14 picture. I painted one of my favorite sayings “Be your own kind of beautiful.” I want my girls to know that they are most beautiful when they let their genuine selves shine.

To make the artwork for the big Carson frame I typed and printed the words which you can download here and found a graphic flower that I liked. I was kicking it old school here and rubbed the back of the paper with the side of a pencil lead. I then placed it where I wanted the words and traced the letters. The lead on the back will transfer slightly.

Then I painted the words “Own” and “Beautiful.” with acrylic paint and a small paintbrush. The other words I outlined with a Sharpie. I’m sure all of you graphic designer and/or artist types are dying of embarrassment right now but since I am neither, that’s what had to be done. To make the polka dots I used the oldie but goodie method of dipping my paint in the back end of my foam brush.

I wanted to tie in these stunning frames to the other wall of the bathroom, but as a mother of 6, I am all about functionality of my decor. I found these darling crown hooks that I thought would be great for towels. But the crown hooks were lonely so I framed them with the Eleanor frame with a 5X7 opening. Now the crowns feel as regal as they are.

Let’s just hope these crown hooks and cute frames make my little princesses want to hang up their royal towels.