Happy Halloween to all of our readers. I, for one, have already eaten a year supply of banana laffy taffys. Where that obsession came from I have no idea but I’m pretty sure it means I am missing some vital mineral from my diet. What other explanation could there be?

My original plan for this girlie’s costume fell through so at nearly the last minute I had to find a costume idea. I scoured the garage for anything useable. It’s like a treasure hunt slash haunted house out there. Scary! I found this oldie but goodie remnant of a Big Bird costume that our mom had made for Ashleigh.

Big Bird is somehow a political hot button and she’s seven (so over Sesame Street) but the wheels started turning and we made the costume in to an cute and girlie owl.

Are owls yellow? Don’t answer that.

My inspiration for the cape came from technology and tutus and I adapted the cute owl mask template from sew craft create.

All of the supplies came from my fabric stash. Which means the grand total cost of this project was zero point zero dollars. That has pretty much never happened to me. I feel like my hubby should give me an award.

And just because I am still a big sister and own this gem of a picture doesn’t mean I don’t actually copy everything Ashleigh does and idolize her in every way. Happy Halloween circa 1982-ish. (It’s not an instragram people, pictures just used to look like that)

Have a lovely and safe Halloween!