Today, I’m sharing a little party favor/kiddie treat bag idea.  I shared this idea a few weeks ago on eighteen25.  You must check out all of this year’s spooktacular ideas on their site!
If you’re new to this kind of thing, you can access my recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing in this post.  If you’ve been thinking about trying royal icing, but haven’t taken the plunge, this is a great “starter” project!   But let me warn you that frosting cookies can become addictive.  It starts with a baby ghost and ends in late nights, bags under your eyes and rockin’ cookies for your kids’ class.  
Kidding!  Kinda!
After you’ve read up on the basics, you’re ready!  But when I’m cooking mini’s, I decrease the cook time.  These only took 4 minutes to cook.  Your oven, bakeware and pan liners will effect the rate they cook, but in general, plan on a bit more than half as much time.
I frosted my little ghosts by outlining with a thicker consistency frosting and filling with a thinner consistency that flattens right out.  My basics post explains all of this, but with these little babies, it will be pretty simple.  They will need to dry for several hours before you put eyes on them.  So walk away for a bit.  It will be hard to tear yourself away, but it can be done.  Haha.  
I used this little mini wilton cutter set.  For the pac-man style ghost, I used the gravestone and the moon for the bottom.  I just like to have options with my ghost cookies, what can I say?
The eyes are so easy if you have edible ink pens.  I use wilton and americolor brands.  They are available at most craft stores and online.  If you don’t have those, then just tint some of your frosting black and pipe it right on.
These cute little ghosts are fun, but we gotta step up our presentation!  
Do you remember vellum?  Remember 5 years ago when every wedding invitation had this fancy layer of printed vellum?  Well, go break into your paper crafting stash, because were making treat bags out of it!  You can dowload the “haunted treats” printable here and just send it through your printer.  
Straight from the printer, fold it in half, make some guides, sew down the sides, put your cookies in and sew up the top.  I trimmed the top with pinking shears.  I actually tried this with parchment paper and it worked like a charm.  It would be cheaper than buying vellum, but you have to trim it down to the right size before sending it through the printer.  So the vellum will just make you life easier.
This creates the look of a truly “haunted house” with ghosts lurking inside!  The kids can just tear through the bottom to access their haunted treats!  My kids were pretty excited about these, so I hope you try them with your kids!  
Oh!  And btw, if you can’t find the mini ghost cutter, almost every halloween cutter set includes a regular sized ghost.  These treat bags can be cute with one big ghost too!