My husband is a road biker.  He goes on a loooong, fast bike ride about every week.  
Although I haven’t been invited to ride with the guys, I’m not offended.  I’ll take a leisurely bike ride on my daughter’s cruiser, thank-you!
I have an old mountain bike in the garage, but who would want to ride that when I could steal this darling bike from her!  I have to admit I’m crazy for the cruiser trend.  There is something about these bikes that makes me want to ride to the “corner market” and pick up some flowers.  Not to mention they are way more comfortable to ride!
Well look out, because I now have my own cruiser!  (Snazzy, right?)
And when I like something a lot, I sort of obsess about it.  (You know me!)
And make a cookie of it.  
(I made these cookies with the help of my kopykake projector, so don’t be impressed).
I took these pictures because I’ve been practicing my photography in preparation for my upcoming photography class.  I’ve been spending a little time with my camera manual, but I have a lot to learn.  I can’t wait to learn more and hopefully the pictures on this blog will improve!
Photography just might be the next bee in my bonnet/obsession.  
But for now, it’s my new cruiser.  🙂