We’re going vintage on the old blog today.

Sometimes Kathryn and I joke about how we do things differently since we started blogging.

Like way back in 2003, my kids used to be in the picture with the cake!

Nowadays, I take 20 pictures of just the cake, then I invite the kid to the picture and take a few.
(butterfly cake, incredibles cake, tie-dyed cake)

It seems mean, but in the mind of the blogger, I know someone out there might want to make a similar cake, and they need details!  When you have a post in mind, you tend to take pictures differently, and more specifically of objects, not people.

This little 4th of July birthday party is one of my favorites of all time.  But because I didn’t know I was going to share the details, I didn’t document them.  No pictures of the cute food table.  ­čÖü
(moment of silence for that loss)

But the good news is that I kept up with my scrapbooks back in the day.  This was before I switched gears to project life.  Even with the old school scrapbooking techniques, I treasure everything that was documented.  Yes, some great memories at this party.

We invited my daughter’s friends (and their families) to celebrate her mid-July birthday a little early, on July 3rd.  They took a goodie bag home of some fun things to use/wear the next day.  They even got to do sparklers 2 nights in a row!

I used to put the invitation right on a scrapbook page and I’m so glad I did that!  I also documented the party guests, menu and a few other things.  Which is good because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to recall anything by now.

This was when sewing on paper was the latest and greatest and it blew my mind!  This was when I actually had to develop these pictures, then take them back for wallet sized reprints for the invitation.  Okay, now I’m feeling old!

The digital days are so much easier, and I can’t remember the last time I hand-made an invitation.
But I decided to share these little memories with you, because ideas can be recycled and updated, even almost a decade later.  It’s fun to reminisce, and a trip down memory lane is always a good one.