Remember the newlywed years?

Life before kids?


Me neither.
(I’m kidding.  I totally remember they years when I thought I was in charge).

Luckily I have some darling newlywed friends who remind me to be blissfully in love, super snuggly, and incredibly thoughtful of my spouse.  I recently got to be a part of one of these sweet moments.

Elease messaged me a month before her husband’s birthday, saying she wanted to plan a special surprise for Joel’s birthday.  She wanted to bring a treat into his work, but wanted it to be something unique, something he could easily share with his co-workers and of course, something he’d like.

We decided on cake pops.

Adorable, right?  How sweet are they?

So instead of having a cake to write happy birthday on, I decided to make a custom cake pop stand to write happy birthday on.  I pretty much did the same thing as I did on my halloween stands, but used a wider board so I could fit 3 rows.

The cake pops cover it up a little, but as they get eaten, the birthday message is clear!

I wanted this pop stand to be manly, rustic and beachy.  Totally different than my polkadot ones.
And for the pops, I went with an ombre look.  I used blue candy melts, then for the next batch, mixed blue and white, then for the next batch used even more white.  We made the stand fit 40+ pops because that is the number of coworkers she wanted to “treat.”

After the embarrassing sweet surprise, complete with pomp and circumstance,  the pops went in the break room for all to enjoy.  And I’m told, they did enjoy them!

Isn’t this just a sweet story?

Doesn’t it make you want to go spoil/surprise your spouse?

Elease and Joel are some of my favorite people!  You can get to know them on their adorable blog:  Their blog inspires me to treasure life and most of all, love.