Do you want the good news or the bad news first?
The good news?
Okay, well…  
(No, I’m not pregnant)
The good news is that I went through my pictures and found some random treats that I haven’t shared with you yet.  These tiny footprint cookies I made for a baby shower do make me majorly baby hungry.  
So lets move on before I dwell on my pity.  THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS SEGMENT for pete’s sake!
The good news is that these simple monogram cookies were made in celebration of some adorable newlyweds.  As you can see, my favorite cookie cutter set is getting some mileage.  My circle/scalloped circle set is still my complete fave!  I bought mine locally, but it is several dollars cheaper on amazon.  So I hooked you up with a link in our amazon shop (sidebar).
These little dress cookies were kinda fun.  I used fondant for the tiny rosette.  You know I tread lightly with fondant since our break-up.  But really, we’re on pretty good terms now.  Time heals all pain.   
I’ve talked about royal icing transfers a lot lately.  It’s kind of a kick.  And I think these little candy ones are my very favorites yet!  I’m sad that I don’t have a pic of them on the cupcake, with the matching cookies and cake pops.  But again, it is still the good news segment, so I will focus on the positive. These transfers turned out great!
Now for the baaaaaaaaaaaaaad news.
Just look.

My most loved kitchen toy has seen it’s last day.  My glass bowl for my kitchen aid mixer got knocked out by my mean old granite countertops.

I’m going to have to re-visit my little amazon shop to get a new one, if I can justify splurging one more time.  But until then, I miss the pour spout for filling my royal icing bottles.  I miss seeing if there is something not mixed in.  And the measurements on the side.  And I miss how beautiful she was on my counter-top.

I know that if this is my bad news, then life is good.  (Life is in fact, really great.)  But I just needed a few condolences from my baking friends who understand a love for kitchenware.  ­čÖé