We’ve had an exciting event at our house.

My daughter declared it one of the best days of her life…she got braces!

So naturally, I made cookies to celebrate!

I’ve made these before, (posted here) for someone else,
but I had to revisit this cookie when it was my daughter’s big day for braces!

I’ve actually had several emails asking me for tips on how to make this cookie, so I took pictures along the way this time to show you the 6 step frosting process.  Yes, these aren’t for the faint of heart.  They take some dedication, but the results are so fun!

*Here is a link to my recipes and general cookie “how to’s” for beginners.  For the red and white frosting, I used a medium-stiff consistency (about a 15 seconds).
*The first time, I cut these cookies out by hand, but this time, I used my mustache cutter, upside down, and bent a little into a smile.  πŸ™‚  To make them on sticks, you just need to insert the stick before you bake it, when the dough is still cold and firm, so as not to distort your cookie.
Step 1: Make your red lips, then let these dry for several hours.  Red is one of the colors that bleeds a lot, so if I’m piping white right next to it, I make sure it’s good and dry.
Steps 2-5: I start on the bottom because when I started on top, I ended up with a bit of an under bite.  And the biggest trick is to do every other tooth, then let it dry for 10-15 min.  This makes them look like separate, individual teeth.  When I pipe them out, I use a toothpick to drag the corners of the frosting into the best tooth shape that I can make.  Then of course let it dry again and start on the top.  You can easily “eyeball” where the teeth should go.
Step 6- After all the teeth are dry, I use a stiff consistency icing with a #1/1.5 tip.  I draw the two lines for each bracket, then connect them with a wire.

The best news is, the teeth don’t really have to be perfect or straight, because they are getting braces!  This is the kind of “fraggle rock” situation that braces can take care of!

Lucky for us, we know a great orthodontist!  (Who I just happen to work for!)  And yes, I was the obnoxious mom taking pictures every step of the way.  This was a very “project life” moment!

We brought these in for the staff and then I sent some to school with her after the appointment, so she could share and celebrate with her friends.

And just for kicks, we took some reverse before and after pictures.



I can’t wait to see the result of the real “after” pictures.
(I’ll be sure to make another brace-less cookie for that picture!)

But until that day, this is one happy girl to be wearing braces!