This was my daughter’s idea.  She loved the Valentine’s Day Parfaits we made a couple of years ago.
So when we had some leftover vanilla cupcakes, she requested we make parfaits for St. Patrick’s Day!

My kids’ favorite part of making seasonal parfaits is decorating their clear tumbler with foam/felt shapes or stickers.  I had a little trouble finding them so close to the 17th, but eventually found some at JoAnn’s.  These things were on clearance for 25 cents and totally worth the investment!

Below is the list of what we threw together.  If I was doing these in kids’ classrooms, I would probably dye my cake batter too!  With a little green food coloring, you can almost choose anything to layer in your festive cup.

I was thinking that I wanted one with brownies, mint chip and green cool whip.  But when working with kids, (who take their time to decorate and layer) it’s easier to use non-melty things like pudding.

Yep, kid-made and kid-inspired parfaits are a hit in our house!  I saw the cutest foam flower stickers that made me want to skip right to spring parfaits… and 4th of July parfaits are about my #1 favorite!