We can’t contain our excitement.  Kathryn and I have some partying to do!

First of all… this weekend is our girls getaway (scrapbook/sew/paint/craft/stay in yoga pants for 3 days/eat good food/or just chat and get nothing done) weekend!!!  The husbands handle the kids and we take turns cooking meals. We’ve been doing this with old and new friends for I think about 8 years now.  We have a fab friend who organizes this and this year I’m especially excited.  Since Kathryn moved, it will be an extra bonus that she is coming up to hang out with the old cronies.  AND we’re making a movie night part of the fun, because it’s Hunger Games time folks!  I’m a little late to the party, (meaning, I’m reading it this week) but I’m about to finish and I’m stoked!

Second best news ever is that we (Kathryn and I) are going to SNAP!!
It just so happened that we were already planning a Utah trip that weekend.  We have one brother who is graduating BYU and another brother expecting a new baby that will be brand new when we get there.  Two perfect reasons to make the trip.  Then when we found out about SNAP, and we figured we must fit that into our trip.  We can learn more about blogging, meet some inspiring women and go to like the best craft fair ever?!!!   This was a no brainer!

I’m excited about SNAP for lots of reasons.
*I’m in love with the location, Thanksgiving point.  

*I’m beyond excited about the list of speakers.  I mean almost all of the blogs I stalk are run by these creative geniuses.
*I’m excited to get motivated!  As of now, I have about 25 posts/projects to share that I just haven’t gotten to for one reason or another.  I need to take a picture, or I need to write down the recipe…  I need an extra kick in the pants to put in the time it takes to share these projects!
*I’m excited to learn.  I want to blog a little bit smarter.  But where I live there aren’t any classes to take or resources to learn from, so I’ve just been winging it.  I’d love to hear from the experts how to do much of the technical side of blogging.  Like um… what’s SEO?  
*And even more thrilling is that the The Queen Bee Market will be a part of that weekend!

Taking one look at the vendors, I think I’m going to spend my birthday money (it’s in August) there!  🙂  The market is open to the public, so come along if you’re in the area!

We owe all of this excitement to husbands who understand that Girls Just Want to Have Fun!
So thankful, so excited!