I wish I had posted these BEFORE Valentine’s Day…

But “on top of my game” is not the scenario around here.
Nonetheless, I will document the Valentine’s that the kiddos and I made.

My oldest wanted to do matchbook valentine’s ever since I made these.

We experimented with a few papers and I even tried putting a decorated cookie in a matchbook.  But they were a little too thick for it to close correctly.  If I did this again, I would roll the cookies out thinner.  We decided on the colorful chevron pattern paper that was red on the other side.  I printed it all out and when we put them together, my daughter said she was too embarrassed to have them say, “we’re a match.”  Whaaa?  It’s like the cutest saying ever!  But I understood the scariness of 6th grade politics and we changed it to say, “two of hearts” and put two heart candies in there.

The middle child chose the most time consuming Valentine.
She is a middle child, so I want to overcompensate sometimes.
We made chocolate lollipops.

We put them in the freezer after each step which made the process with one mold, pretty slow.
So we added some ladybugs to the mix.  As you can imagine, the tags included, “you are sweet” and “lovebug.”  It ended up that all of the kids and I worked on these most of the time.  Now she can never claim she is deprived, right?

And for the preschooler… a really easy label glued to some crayon gum.

He begged for these at the dollar store, so I thought if he like them, his friends would too.  I made a label and glued it around the box.  His only job was writing his name on the back.  I guess you could also use it on a real pack of crayons too!  Click here if you’d like a download this Valentine Crayon Printable.

So another year of last-minute Valentine making success!  Success meaning, it got done!    Can someone please remind me to be on top of this early February next year?  Kathryn?

Oh, and p.s.
I just had to pick up one of the boxer short chocolate molds when I was buying the others.
It just made me laugh.  The kids asked why I was making “shorts” chocolates.  I evaded the question.
I think the hubs thought I had gone too far in my food crafts.  But I got a laugh out of him.  🙂