I’ve had these old IKEA drawer sets for a long time.  They were a part of my old organization system.  But since I’ve been redoing my craft space (as I mentioned in this post) and I wanted to give them a little makeover.

I looked for a patterned paper that I loved, but I just wasn’t finding much.  Then I realized I had a stash of fabric (Dena Designs) that had been waiting for me.  The design was a little big for the small drawers.  So I decided to put this fabric right in my scanner/copier and print it out at 65%.

Now I had my little drawer covers, but I also wanted to spray paint the wood white so the sides and inside would have a new look too!  I used mod podge to adhere the papers to the front of the drawers.

I didn’t line things up perfectly, but I think they have character.
Did you know imperfection=character/uniqueness? 
That’s what I tell myself anyway.

Yes, my little creative space is coming along slowly nicely.

Things are much easier to find when they have a label, so I’ve been labeling away.
The goal is to have the whole room looking clean, organized and fun with some bright pops of color.

I’m sure all of my projects will turn out much better if I’m working out of snazzy drawers like this.
{cough cough}