I have a special place in my heart for clear packaging.

Clear boxes are a food crafter’s way of showing off letting their food take center stage!

We are dedicated to the details of our edible creations, (mixing the perfect shade of icing, getting the right consistency, adding some sparkly luster dust for “cheeks,” and cleaning out the tiny #1 tips, etc.)

So why not show them off?
Why should the lucky recipient of these happy heart cookies* have to open their gift to smile!?

I think they will already be smiling the second you hand them this cute little clear box!

Or how about putting them in a simple clear CD sized envelope?
{A little twist on my usual cellophane bag routine.}

I do enjoy packing my treats about as much as I enjoy making them.  I love specialty boxes, unique favor bags, colorful gable boxes, and everything in between.

But lately I’m just obsessed with the understated simplicity of clear packaging.

Because the second someone sees you walking down the hall holding this box, the cupcakes will scream, “Hi!  Look at my handmade Valentine garnishes**!” Yep, these babies TURN HEADS!  People start striking up conversations with you in an effort to become instant friends and possibly gain a cupcake out of the deal.  Then when they realize you aren’t giving them one, they request to purchase them.  Then when you decline to sell, they will start salivating.  {True Story}

Because this box is CLOSED!  But look at how rad the cupcakes still look!  Try being trapped in an elevator holding these.  You will fear an impending attack.  {Also a true story}  But it will all be worth it when you hand over a special edible gift and eyes light up.

Am I making a big deal about this?  YES!  But apparently I’m not the only one who is enamored with clear boxes.  Ever since this post, I’ve had several emails asking where I got my clear cupcake box.  The answer is that I bought the single square box at my local cake store, which doesn’t help you all.  But then came a revelation as I discovered clearbags.com.  Yes, a whole company dedicated to clear packaging!  And they have a whole section of food safe clear packaging (including single cupcake boxes like the one I used)!

That is where I purchased these half dozen boxes.  I was really happy with the quality.  They were strong enough to stack and hold the cupcakes pretty stable for safe transport.  I liked them so much, I just placed another order.  I wish I could buy a million of every size clear bag and box.  One can dream.

So consider being anti-opaque, when packaging all of your adorable Valentine creations!

Let them shine, let them be seen!
Let them be drooled over from across the room!

*The happy heart cookies were made with these tips and recipes.
**The cupcake garnishes were made with the same royal icing, piped onto parchment paper, instead of a cookie.  After the icing dries, it will pop right off the parchment for you to use on your cupcake.
The designs were inspired by these cupcake garnishes by Sweetopia.