Here’s a look inside the cookie jar.

There’s lots you can do with just pink, red and white frosting.

For the sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe, refer to this post.

I outlined and immediately filled for nice clean frosting edges.

I think my favorite one was my sassiest cookie yet.  I’m really walking on the wild side with this one.
This cookie is “sealed with a kiss.”

I used my trusty alphabet cutter set to make hugs and kisses.

I used “wet on wet” techniques for a flat cookie.

And some were done with a “wet on dry” technique which results in a dimensional/textured cookie.

I made these little lace darlings without a projector.  {Cue applause}

These were just simple scalloped edge hearts and I attempted to make them look like they had a lace edge.  You might have to look close…

After the red was dry, I made a white edge.  After that was dry, I put a little more icing on and used my paint brush for a little “brush embroidery” style edge.  This one is only done on one side.
Can you tell the difference?

And I also made some big cookies (that weren’t made to fit in the jar).
But I do love a basic rectangle cookie that is open to all possibilities.
I busted out my projector for this little phrase.
IMG_9929 copy

And then I broke down and tinted some icing a really light turquoise.

So we will end on that sentimental note:  Love is… going out on a limb.
How do you like my cookie equivalent to a greeting card?
Hallmark, if you need me to write for you, let me know.  hehehe.

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