Okay, I promise to stop posting about Christmas (2011) after this.

This little guy was one of my favorite projects of the season.  I saw one (in gray) in a pottery barn catalog a long time ago and wanted one in red.  So I put my cookie tools to use again to paint this guy.  I found the image by searching “santa pop art,” then put it in my kopykake projector.  I used the color, “santa red” in acrylic paint and just painted away.

I got it done in the time that my husband watched a movie.  But in the morning I didn’t like how I could see all the brush strokes so I went over it with a second coat.  If you look close, it’s still not perfect, but I think the overall look is festive!

I put it above my painted buffet and quite enjoyed seeing his jolly face!

This isn’t the first time my projector has helped me decorate my home!
Star Wars paintings
Painting of my daughter 
I just love the thing!!!!  And I’m so glad I got around to this project this year.

Now if I could only get around to making new stockings and perfecting the art of the crockenbouche.
There’s always next year!