I basically love anything in a matchbook… except matches.

Matchbooks are perfect little paper crafts that can hold treats, cute notes, IOU’s/coupons, money, etc.
I can’t remember where I first saw them, but I’ll give credit to my many years of reading paper craft magazines, craft blog stalking, and watching Martha.  Yes, I’m sure it’s time well spent, because I remember how to make matchbooks.  Check out these adorable “save the date” matchbooks or these personalized favors.

I found that 3″ by 6″ pieces of paper were a good size for this.  Then you can get 8 out of one piece of cute patterned paper.  I found this cute American Crafts, double-sided paper in my stash when I cleaned out my craft room.  It’s amazing the goodness you find when you clean.  ­čÖé

I’m a firm believer in folding with a bone folder.  Clean folds every time!
I know I learned that one from my Martha!

Then I stapled at the bottom and used a glue dot to stick on a little treat.

Next I stapled the message on the front.

Then I glued the saying on the inside and it covered the back of the staple.
If you’d like to print out a sheet of “We mint to tell you Thanks!” in this cute font,
I saved my document and you can upload it here.

I made these as a little thank-you for the substitute teachers at church.  It’s a small little thanks, but I think the little treat inside makes it fun to receive!

After I made these, my daughter said she wanted to make some for her Valentines.
Then my other daughter said she did too.
Then the first one said, “I called it first!”
And then I said, “guys, guys, there are plenty of matchbook ideas for EVERYONE!”  With cute Valentine sayings like, “I think we’re a ‘match'” and “I’d love to ‘strike’ up a conversation,” we have no need to fret.  Yes, I solved that quarrel like mother of the year.  Haha!

Because the matchbook possibilities are endless!
(Stay tuned for the Valentine matchbook)