I know there’s some who don’t love the day, but I dig it.  An excuse to go on a nice date, get flowers (hint hint), make crafts with my kids and make heart shaped treats?  Hello!  Looking back on the Valentine projects we’ve shared on the blog, they are indeed some of my very favorites.

Some of my favorite cake pops in a simple dollar store dish.

An excuse to use sticky foam hearts on a parfait?  I’m there!

And some of my favorite cookies ever!  I just saw these little mailboxes in the dollar aisle again.  They get scooped up fast, so I better go stock up.

My son’s Valentine’s last year were also a cookie.  Shocker, right?

And these are so simple, but still on the list of my favorites.

I shared my favorite strawberry frosting.

Made some silly chocolate suckers.

Adorned some simple chocolate strawberries with hearts.

And I shared one of my hub’s all time favorite desserts.

Kathryn is always on top of her game with her kids and their Valentines.
I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s got this year’s ready to go.

And I just LOVE these rice krispy treat kisses she shared.

There’s a lot to love around this time of year.  Treats and people and blogs alike!

What are you loving?  I would love to feature some of your Valentine treats and projects!