Anyone in the mood for some cozy bliss?

I hesitated posting this because it was a Christmas gift, and I’ve enjoyed my break a little too much and missed the window to share gift ideas.  But it’s still January so maybe you still need some coziness?

Well, if I were to give the gift of coziness, it would look like this…

And it would be adorably packaged with these items inside.

On a cold winter day, there’s nothing like curling up with some hot chocolate and a blanket.

Throw in a magazine,
favorite show,
blog surfing,
a good book,
or better yet, one of my littles,
and then I have created my definition of cozy bliss!

I was going for a rustic (raffia and linen) meets cutesy (polkadots) look for this gift basket, is that allowed?  I hope so, because I dig it.  I sewed a simple linen sack to contain my favorite brand of gourmet hot chocolate.  Then I gathered a couple mugs I liked.

And I made some marshmallow stirring sticks for an added perk.  I used this recipe for my homemade marshmallows (which are incredibly fun to make).  I love the rectangular, extra large shape that you can only get from homemade marshmallows.  The look alone is worth the extra effort for me, but if you are hurried, any marshmallow would do.  Then I made stirring sticks by inserting a cookie stick, dipping in chocolate and then sprinkling with crushed candy cane.  I wrapped them each individually so they wouldn’t stick to each other.  If I did it again I would use wooden sticks.  These did fine if you stirred until the marshmallow fell off into your hot chocolate.  But my kids kept stirring long after the marshmallow melted and the paper sticks started to peel.

The hot chocolate was good and all, but if it is going to be defined as “my bliss” then I’m going to have to have a cute cookie in the mix.  So the coziest cookie design I could think of was mittens.  If you want to know more about my cookie recipes and techniques, go here.

I also made a linen wrap for the fleece blanket.  It covered the distracting label it came wrapped in.
I take presentation and color schemes a little too seriously, I know.  I’m dealing with my issues.

So that’s my version of cozy bliss (that can be bundled up in a gift basket).  ­čśë  What’s your version?