I made myself an early Christmas present.

You may not need this gift. Your children may drink from color coded cups, or drink a full 8 oz. at once and then put their cup in the dishwasher, or only use one cup a day, rinsing it between milk, water and juice. You may run loads in your dishwasher that don’t look alarmingly full of only cups.

You are a better mother than I am.


I have lots of lovely counter space in my new house. This is a good thing for when Ashleigh and I made 4000 mini cupcakes and 600 cookies in my kitchen last week (which is a whole other post).


But, it’s not a good thing when you have 8 bodies drinking their recommended 8 cups of fluid a day. The beautiful counters are then littered with various drinks and the children are shocked when you put “the cup I was drinking” in the dishwasher.


The idea, sweet children o’mine, is to put your cup on the coaster with your cute initial. So that I know you are still drinking it.


It was very easy and inexpensive to make. I used ceramic coasters from the hardware store at 18 cents each. Modge Podged paper and initial onto the tiles. Glued the tiles to the painted wood board with E6000 glue. I applied several more coats of Modge Podge since we are lucky to keep it to one spill a day around here. I glued some little wood legs on and screwed in some handles. It may not be so easy to get the kids to actually use it.


I was pretty pleased with myself for actually trying to fix a problem that drives me nuts instead of just periodically huffing and puffing about it. I thought it was self explanatory. Then my dear husband asked if I made this contraption for the kids to put their backpacks on….. Ummmm…..Does he actually live here? I guess he has harder problems to solve at his job. I’m just taking motherhood baby steps here. Next on the list…get the baby to stop coloring on himself.