These are taken straight from my girl Martha.  She was the first to teach me all about royal icing, years ago.  And I’ve been wanting to make these for a long time but I’ve never gotten a candy shaped cutter.
So I decided to make them into a peppermint lollipop with a simple circle cutter.

You have to roll your dough a little thicker to fit a pop in.  Then bake as usual.

Martha shows you how to do these, but I thought I’d take some pretty pictures too.
(For my recipes and an explanation on frosting consistencies, click here).
1- outline with thicker frosting
2- fill with thin
3- pop bubbles
4- make a star
5- swirl with a toothpick
6- swirl in the opposite direction
7- repeat
8- repeat

I tied them up with tulle and displayed these on the pop tree I made.

And they also look pretty fab on these simple pop stands.

And in honor of having 1000 facebook fans, we are sending these to one of you. You can adorn your Halloween (next year) and Christmas sweets table with treats on a stick.  Cake, cookies, pies, cinnamon rolls, oreos, anything is cute on a stick….

Yep, I did round two of making some stands for some future events and I was thinking of you!
-Just leave a comment if you make desserts on a stick and are interested in these!
-Tell me that you follow one way or the other.
-Enter before December 2nd.
-Or if you’d rather make your own, check out this post for simple instructions.

Just a fun little way to tell you guys that we love ya!